“Writers are weird people.  I should know. But most of their weirdness comes from the driving need to write a story. Simple as that. 

Everyone uses their own techniques to dip into the well of their inspiration and come up with a story. Some people write by the seat of their pants, meaning they write whatever is going on in their head heedless of structure or story development. Some of these people will write story parts out of order when the mood strikes and their muse leads them to a specific part of the story. 

Others writers like me, take the plodding approach, also known as writing from an outline. My outline allows me to play around with the characters, expose their flaws, their hopes and dreams while I do what is called the ‘tell’ version of the story. Using this method I write the outline of the story following the emotional, physical and relationship development parts of the story. That allows me to know where my story is going and what I need to do to get the characters into the manuscript. Once the “tell” or outline work is done I start the manuscript and move to what is called the “show” version of the story. That is the story written showing the characters’ inner and outer worlds, their emotional side and their action side. It’s a fascinating process, one I’m addicted to.