Readers are at the heart

Readers are at the heart of my writing. I love to hear from them, what they’re reading, and why they continue to read. Many people start out reading as children. For other people reading becomes part of their life when they’re caring for their own children, or reading to loved ones.

It’s so interesting to learn what they read and why. 

And with the invention of ereaders, people can read anywhere, and have as many books as they’d like, literally at their fingertips.

Today I’d like to introduce, Julie Gee, an avid reader, cat sitter and a very creative person. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. And she makes all sorts of paper crafts and crepe paper flowers made from crepe paper imported from Germany.

She has a small shop in her home filled with so many fascinating things.

In her shop she uses something called a cricut machine to make a myriad of shapes, including her latest Halloween creation, a Halloween Luminary. Love this!

She also makes beautiful wedding centerpieces.

I asked Julie about her reading life, and she had this to say;

I’ve been reading since my early teens. I enjoy reading mostly romance and romantic suspense. Most evenings I read on my back patio. I also read when we go camping, especially at night listening to the crashing waves at Murray Beach. 

I read romances and suspense because every girl loves a life with a little chivalry, and to be feel special, that you’re the only girl for that guy.

The suspense ones just add a little mystery into the mix. I love it when a book is so good I just can’t put it down and I miss sleep over it.

I know they’re cheesy at times, but so are those Hallmark Christmas movies. But I still watch them every year… It just gives you a feel-good feeling to read a steamy romance. And to know there’s going to be a happy ending.

I found that as I got older reading was more difficult because I needed glasses, but they gave me a headache. I looked into getting an ereader.

I found that the KOBO reader was the best for me because it is linked to Canadian libraries so I can borrow books. But I also discovered that I can download many ebooks for free. 

At the moment I have 359 books on my ereader, most of them free. When reading on my KOBO I can adjust the light to make reading easier without my glasses. I can choose the font size that helps me read easier. 

My husband is a good reader. He prefers westerns and his favorite is Louis Lamour. 

Thank you, Julie.

If you’d like to tell me your story about reading, the books you love and what you read, please contact me.

I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time;