Once Upon a Snowy Morning

It’s snowing! Yeah, for a lot of you, snow is not a big part of your life. For others, like me, snow plays a huge role in my winter. Snow can be fun, fearsome, a nuisance or a blessing. In the latter case, think ‘snow days’.

There is something so peaceful in watching snow fall; not really fall as much as drift down lightly. Sure, when the weather adds a breeze to the snowfall, it’s very different; tiny biting pieces of snow swirling around your head, causing tiny pings against your face, forcing you to squeeze your eyes closed. 

But for today, it’s the gentle pelting of snow, covering everything in a soft whiteness, calming the air, muting the sound. The birds fade into the trees, their need for food overcome by their natural instinct to take shelter. All of it so peaceful.

I promised myself today I would simply be at peace with things, not worry about COVID or strain against the isolation it imposes on my life. And in that promise, I found words that lift me away from my usual worries. 

The lift came in the form of two poets whose incredibly creative minds speak to what is going on in our world at the moment in a positive way. They are simply poets whose words are soothing and filled with hope for a better time. 

Photo by Kyle Vetters from FreeImages

The first is William Wordsworth who wrote one of my favorite poems. 

 I wandered lonely as a cloud is the title, which is actually the first line of the poem. What is so lovely about this poem is the very simple idea about the beauty and inspiration of Daffodils. In the last few lines he talks about the bliss of solitude that allows him “And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.”

For me, that’s what inspiration is; that mental dance, the fanciful mind wandering act that happens when we simply are at peace with ourselves and our world, accepting of what today brings. 

The second is a very modern poet, a young woman who held the inauguration crowds in her thrall. Amanda Gorman, a Harvard graduate, and the youngest poet to ever be part of any President’s Inaugural event. Her poem from that day is so wonderful, so lyrical, and inspiring. 

But it’s one of her other poems I find so appropriate for a snowy day. It’s titled, The Miracle of Morning. The lines, “But there’s something different on this gold morning. Something magical in the sunlight, wide and warming.”, express what morning means to me. 

Morning is a moment of rebirth, a chance to do today differently and possibly better than yesterday or the day before. This poem is a message of hope, the revival of possibilities. Just the idea that we get another day to live, to care, to learn, to change, to make a difference in someone’s life makes getting up in the morning special for all of us.

And then there are my cats, Jethro and Sully. They spend their days waking up early, and purposefully going back to bed. That’s their commitment to the day, along with eating, digging in their cat toy box, being patted and simply making my life more interesting. 

Yet, when all is said and done, today is ours–snow or no snow. It’s ours to do with as we see fit, as we envision our place in this world. 

Wishing you all a happy day.

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