My Life With Cats

Jethro and Sully came into my life seven years ago. My daughter and granddaughter came home and announced that I needed a cat. My husband had died of ALS the year before and I was learning to live on my own, a challenging experience shaped by loss and grief. 

When they arrived home from Kalamazoo, they immediately packed me and my old cat carrier in the car and we headed out in search of the perfect cat.

One trip to the local Petsmart later and I became the anxious owner of two cats. 

Jethro is black and white, a man about town sort of cat. 

Sully is an orange and white cat’s cat sort-of-feline. 

Sully is the muscle, the enforcer who sees Jethro’s flighty ways as something to be endured. Jethro is loving and sweet, with a bit of an edge to him.

Sully is a stand-off kind of guy with his own agenda. 

They both love routine, late night fights in the basement and their bowls. They like to sit in the front porch on their wicker chairs and watch the world go by on our street. That is, if they can stay awake! They are indoor cats, who yearn to go out. But they can’t. I’m too afraid of losing them. And I want to save the bird population as I suspect that Sully would be a fearsome hunter.

To ease their sense of deprivation over lack of birds in their lives, they have their very own birding window.

I suspect that somewhere in their cat brains they have a basic template for ‘bird’; that is something that flits around the hedge, has wings and is small. I suspect this because Jethro immediately starts making a chirring sound when he sees a bird in the hedge or on the deck. 

I believe they also have a template for ‘chipmunk’. They both go up on their hind legs when they see Jimmy, our backyard chipmunk, eating a strawberry. By the way, the only creature lucky enough to get a strawberry from the plants I planted is Jimmy. He carries the strawberry from the strawberry patch, brings it to the deck in his teeth, then proceeds to eat it while Jethro and Sully watch from their birding window.

They have their own Facebook page:

Check them out. They like to chat with people. They both post to their page. 

Follow their life as two very pampered cats.