Women in Danger – Book #1

Patient Services VP Rachel Moore’s professional life is threatened when attacks at Mercy Hospital put adolescent psychiatric patients in danger. With the help of the police, Rachel takes action, but when the investigation comes up empty Rachel’s motives are questioned due to what appears to be her inaction where the children are concerned. Midnight phone calls, and angry parents create a backdrop for the murder of a woman in the basement of the hospital. When an attempt is made on Rachel’s life, she is forced to choose: let down her guard and allow a stranger to help her, or risk another attack on her life. Dr. Andrew King is not exactly a stranger, but he doesn’t meet the qualifications for man of the year either. Andrew’s past includes the death of his wife during which he was investigated for his involvement.

Those responsible for the deaths at Mercy Hospital plant false evidence leading police to consider Andrew as a possible suspect.

Meanwhile the killer is in the perfect position to kill again…unless Rachel and Andrew can expose who at Mercy Hospital is carrying out a deadly plan designed to destroy everything Rachel has ever loved and cared for in her life.

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