Remembering You

Three years after Susan Martin’s husband passes away her children begin telling her she needs to get a life, to find herself. She didn’t know she was lost. And she has a life with her children and her friends.

On the day her grandson is born, she decides to turn her husband’s office into a play room. In doing so, she finds letters he wrote to her, sharing his memories of their life together. To her complete surprise she learns that he wants her to find someone special, to feel whole again.

But there are no eligible men her age amongst her friends…except maybe her neighbor, Sam: a widower and her late husband’s best friend.

But when Sam proposes a new fence between their properties, a discussion that leads to coffee and dance classes, her children make it clear that finding herself does not mean finding a new love…

Little do they know that finding Sam has opened her life up to a world of possibilities.

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