Finding Mr. Valentine

The Right Guy – Book #3

Cookie Carmichael’s life just blew up.

It’s been a long time coming, but when your husband’s latest girlfriend demands to know when you’re stepping aside, you realize it’s time to get out.

Needing money to support her twins on her own, Cookie lands a job she loves at the local bakery and, apparently, a new man. And even though she met him in the worst of circumstances, he’s everything she wants: caring, supporting, and loving. All she needs is for her ex to sign the divorce papers, then she can, too. 

Police Officer Tony Calder has fallen for Cookie hard. He loves how strong she is and wants a future with her and her kids. But his past has taught him that people don’t always follow through with their desires, even if it’s what they want most in the world. 

Will Cookie follow through with hers?

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