Finding Mr. Gorgeous

The Right Guy – Book #2

Sam Jackson is back home in Middlesborough to sell his uncle’s farm. It’s the only way to clear the mountainous debt the old man left when he died. But there’s a spitfire standing between him and debt-free bliss. She’s smart, funny, and somehow very familiar. He keeps finding excuses to spend more time with her, but he knows nothing can stop the farm going to the highest bidder.

Lisa O’Neill knows that Sam’s uncle willed Harmony Farm to the local nature trust. She also knows all too well that guys like Sam do what they want. She saw that in high school when he was the gorgeous guy everyone wanted, including herself, if she’s honest. Back then she was too shy to let him know about her crush. Not anymore. Sam has to be stopped before she loses the farmland she’s loved all her life. Even if she falls for him all over again in the process.

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