Desperate Acts

Back From The Edge – Book #2

Terra Cameron has the perfect life—a perfect home, and a perfect husband, and is expecting her first child. Two masked men wielding knives break into her home and kill her husband, Sean. Devastated and grieving Terra faces an investigation into her role in her husband’s murder, an investigation led by a man she once loved with her whole heart.

Detective Derrick O’Leary has loved Terra for years, but a stupid move on his part ended his relationship with her, leaving him desolate and alone.

The murder of Sean Cameron brings them together in a struggle that sees Terra accused of murder, Derrick accused of protecting her from prosecution, and two killers about to get away with murder.

After her brother-in-law, a powerful member of the community, accuses her of murdering her husband, a rock throwing incident leaves her cowering in fear, Terra loses the only thing she has left to lose—her unborn child. Desperate to find relief from the pain, Terra goes on a journey doomed to failure, only to be rescued by her memories of what might have been, and the undying love of a man sworn to protect her.

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