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The Good Daughter

Remembering You

The Right Guy

I’ve always loved writing about women who are brave enough to face life’s less pleasant events with class and style, while finding a little romance to spice up their lives. The Right Guy is a series about women ready to take on the world, even if that world is way off kilter at the moment. I love the way these women seem to write their own stories while I’m simply there to record what’s going on. You’ll love them too.

Finding Mr. Wrong

The Right Guy – Book 1

Finding Mr. Gorgeous

The Right Guy – Book 2

Finding Mr. Valentine

The Right Guy – Book 3

The Women in Danger Series


Women in Danger – Book 1

The Women in Danger series are stories about women facing down their worst fears. I love writing these stories. So many scary thoughts…so little time.

Romantic Suspense

Back From the Edge Series

Desperate Memories

Back From the Edge – Book 1

“I have so many story ideas of fear and mayhem floating around my head! Seriously. Finally, I decided to do what had to be done. Write these stories. Back From the Edge is a series of books focusing on women living through terrible personal events that force them to make life-altering decisions.

Desperate Acts

Back From the Edge – Book 2

Harlequin Contemporary Romances


Bringing Emma Home

Unexpected Attraction

The Christmas Inn

The Doctor Returns

Life in Eden Harbor Book 1

To Protect Her Son

Life in Eden Harbor Book 2

Sweet On Peggy

Life in Eden Harbor Book 3