I live a very ordinary life, enlivened by my enjoyment of writing. Writing is fun, exciting and gives me an outlet for all the stories in my head.

This love comes directly from my childhood. Books and music far outweighed any other form of entertainment. My sisters and I were encouraged to read, and our family loved storytelling. I had two aunts who took great delight in telling my sisters and me frightening ghost stories in which the main character was an old house in the neighborhood. A house shrouded in trees at the end of a long, lonely driveway. Needless to say I spent a lot of nights huddled under the sheets hoping that whoever roamed that old house didn’t know how to find me.

I love movies, especially romantic comedies. My favorite movie is Love Actually because it’s filled with several love stories and lots of humor.

My favorite TV show is NCIS. In my opinion Jethro, Abby, McGee, and Ducky are among the most carefully constructed and completely developed characters on television.

I share my home with two short-haired tabby cats who take great interest in everything going on in my life.

I’m an average cook, a good listener and get all my story ideas from my life experiences. I love the writer’s exercise of “What if?”—a question that allows me to imagine all sorts of different answers.