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I admire Chrissy Dolan’s devotion to people and her love of nature. She is the mother of three young children, and yet she finds time to be part of her community, care for others and make the world a better place.

She also reads my books which is so flattering, especially coming from a woman who has so much artistic ability.

This interview is first about her work, and then about her thoughts around BRINGING EMMA HOME. 

Chrissy lives in the Miramichi region where being around the forests of New Brunswick is a part of everyday living.

What made you decide that you wanted to take photos?

I have never actually realized I enjoyed photography until 4 years ago. I am a personal support worker and work with elderly and provide in-home care. I started working with an amazing client who was an artist. He took interest in my photos from seeing them on my Facebook page. 

I enjoy hunting, fishing, being outside. But most of all I enjoy animals so I was always posting photos of nature, and he mentioned to me one day that I should post my photos on a social media outlet, or to try and get my photos out to the public more. 

Because of him, I began to notice that I did have a love for photography and a love for animals. I combined the two and created a Facebook page; Chrissy Dolan Photography.  

Taking photos is something I have always enjoyed. I just did not have enough confidence in myself to proceed with it until my amazing friend and client pointed it out.  

What’s your favorite photo subject?

Animals.  I love all animals; animals and nature just seem to make me at peace.  There is something about long walks in the deep woods that makes life so peaceful and relaxing. 

Do you prefer landscapes or people as subjects of your photographs?

Landscapes. Humans can be so judgmental at times, yet when I take photos of eagles or wild life they never complain that I took the wrong angle of them. 🙂 Also landscape gets me out into the woods to enjoy nature at its finest. 

Have you sent your photos to any media outlet?

Yes, I enjoy sending them to Cindy Day, the meteorologists from CTV.  I have also sent a few to nature magazines. I use social media mostly though.

What do you like best about taking photos? 

I love the peace and quiet moments of just me and my Nikon.  I have seen myself sit for hours along the beautiful Miramichi River, waiting to watch a family of eagles. Watching a juvenile eagle take its first flight across the Miramichi River is a moment I will never forget. Nature has a way with me, a connection like no other.  

What’s the best part about being able to take such wonderful photos?

Feedback from my best friend; the client I was talking about. He has been by my side from the first time I picked up a camera and he has guided me along this journey.  He has built my confidence and he has encouraged me to follow my love for animals and photography.  Also feedback from social media. I love how people go out of their way to give me a beautiful comment on one of my photos. 

I just had a lady ask to use my photo and she printed it out on a canvas and now has it on her wall.  I am glad people enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.  

Now, to talk about my books. You’ve been reading my books for a while now. What did you like best about Bringing Emma Home?

I like the fact they made their relationship work.  People now a days don’t seem to want to work on their problems. Rather they sweep their problems under a rug until it’s too late to fix.  I also loved the fact Emma brought them back together as a family.  

Grace Fellowes finds out that her husband has an affair, and the child of that relationship needs a home. There are people who feel that Grace should not have agreed to take the child, given the circumstances. What do you think? 

I feel she did the right thing. Her husband cheating on her was hurtful and he crossed a trust line but he was willing to work on their marriage and fix their problems. It only happened once and with so much pressure on him about not being able to start a family, I feel he needed to escape but he did it the wrong way.  

Either way it happened. But the main thing is he was willing to correct himself and admits to his faults and they are able to work together as a couple.  

Emma needed a mom and dad, and they both were able to provide her with that and I am so happy they were able to work it out for Emma. 

In life we all need to learn to forgive more, we are all humans and make mistakes. 

This book was beautiful with an ending that melts your heart. Little Emma now has her dad and a mom in her life to give her the best life possible, and Grace now has a beautiful daughter and perfect family.

Thank you, Chrissy,

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